Out today! Elixir, In the Valley at the End of Time

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The latest book that I played a part in its fruition (no, I’m not in it this time), by my dear friend, the award-winning writer Kapka Kassabova, is now available for purchase.

It’s an extraordinary journey through the history, people and nature of the region from where my maternal grandfather came from, and where many relatives and friends of mine live, the Mesta River valley in southwest Bulgaria 🇧🇬.

Kassabova explores this multiethnic region, engaging with the last of Europe’s long line of wild plant gatherers, herbalists, mystics and wild horse keepers, whose wide and ancient knowledge is at risk of being lost forever.

If you’re interested in the healing properties of various plants or about how people live as one with their natural environment, then this is a book for you.

“Yet, in her search for elixir, [Kapka] also finds reasons for hope. The people of the valley are keepers of a rare knowledge, not only of mountain plants and their properties, but also of how to transform collective suffering into healing.”

The hardcover and ebook are available now in the UK. The paperback will be out in May.