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Need your text about the Balkans or Australia checked and edited for sensitivities?

Writing about the Balkans or Australia can be a minefield having to deal with the multitude of competing interpretations of its past and present, with armies of self-appointed keyboard activists ready to cancel anyone who doesn’t share their views. What might seem the most innocuous word or claim could actually be something very offensive to someone else. But how are you to know?

Before unleashing your text to the baying masses, best have it checked for sensitivities. This is where I can help you avoid starting a new online war or becoming unintentionally infamous for all the wrong reasons.

How can I help you here?

Having had since childhood an intense interest in Balkan and Australian history, politics and culture nurtured from the truly multicultural nature of my upbringing and subsequent life, where I was exposed to the many competing narratives at play, and being an unwitting witness to consequences of these, I’m able to provide you with an unique and individual perspective to help you safely navigate through what otherwise can be very sensitive territory. Being inside but still outside of these boxes provides this outlook. Therefore, if you have written text about the Balkans or Australia, I can help guide you by kindly pointing out to you points or words that may be seen as offensive by others, and from all points of view. It’s not just a case of being ‘woke’ but taking into account the full picture, with the intention of avoiding the uncertainties and unpleasantness that unfortunately comes with modern-day social media interaction.

Am I qualified?

Yes, with my Master’s degree in Communications specialising in multilingual and multicultural media, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in modern languages, history and culture, plus my accreditation in translation from most Southern Slavic languages into English, I am more than qualified to assist you here.

What services do I provide?

  • Sensitivity reading

  • First reading

  • Fact-checking

  • Updates

  • Contributions

  • Content editing

  • Perspective reading

Book topics covered

  • Balkan, Eastern European and Australian history

  • Balkan, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian music

  • Balkan and Australian pop culture

  • Balkan travel

  • Multiculturalism

  • Migrant experience

  • Diaspora politics and culture

Books I have been involved with

Here are some of the books that I’ve been involved with as a fact checker, sensitivity reader, first reader, contributor, updater and protagonist

  • To The Lake by Kapka Kassabova (Prix du meilleur livre étranger (non-fiction)/Best Foreign Book Prize for non-fiction, France, 2021)

  • Elixir by Kapka Kassabova

  • Anima by Kapka Kassabova (soon to be released)

  • Princes Amongst Men by Garth Cartwright

  • Going for a Song: A Chronicle of the UK Record Shop by Garth Cartwright

  • Rough Guide to World Music

  • Rough Guide to Bulgaria (2003)

  • Romani Routes: Culture Politics and Balkan Music in Diaspora by Carol Silverman

How can I find out more?

Contact me with your details at info@nicknasev.com and I’ll be happy to discuss what needs to be done.

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What my satisfied clients have to say

I’ve worked with 100+ satisfied clients for the past 20+ years. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what they’ve had to say about my work:

“Nick is quick in responding and professional when it comes to translating medical or political documents from Croatian/Serbian into English. He never let me down and I'm always happy to work with him again.”

Margarida Camarejo

RWS Language Services

“It is SO hard to find people like you!”



“Response and turnaround times from Nick are always very good and we appreciate all the work he does for us.”

Eclipse Translation

“Professional services, of great quality, very dependable.”

Catalina Gavril

ICON Language Services

“Very accurate and high standard of work.”

Caroline King

The Language Factory

“It’s been a few years now that we are working with Nick and we are always happy with his work. Nick is very professional and provides good quality in his deliverables.”

aline tran

RWS Life Sciences


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@nicknasev.com and I’ll be happy to respond.

Your text deserves to be taken seriously; have it translated and edited with confidence.


Contact me with the details of your text at info@nicknasev.com