Working in IT? What do you call yourself? An IT-ian, a Hitechist…?

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Working in IT? 👩🏻‍💻 Would you call yourself an IT-ian, Hitechist or Startupist?

These are literal translations of actual terms used to describe people working in IT.

In Bosnian 🇧🇦, Croatian 🇭🇷, Montenegrin 🇲🇪 and Serbian 🇷🇸, people working in IT are known as “IT-jevac” (m), “IT-jevka” (f) and “IT-jevci” (p).

Of course “IT” is pronounced as you would in English. Bosnian, Montenegrin and Serbian traditionally phoneticised foreign words, so these terms are also written as “ajtijevac”, “ajtijevka” and “ajtijevci” (Cyrillic: ајтијевац, ајтијевка, ајтијевци)

Macedonian 🇲🇰 follows suit: ајтиевец, ајтиевка, ајтиевци.

👆🏽 The endings used here are often applied for nationalities, so it’s like saying they are “IT-ians”.

🤡 A joke for those who understand
Kako se zove Hrvatica IT-jevka? Serverina 😂

But I love it in Hebrew 🇮🇱
🧑🏻‍💻 People who work in Israel’s influential Hi-Tech industry are known as
(p) הייטקיסטים (f) הייטקיסטית (m) הייטקיסט
i.e. Hi-Tech-ist, Hi-Tech-istit, Hi-Tech-istim

🦄 And people who work in Israel’s many startups (Waze, Wix, Fiverr, eToro…) :
(m) סטארטאפיסט (f) סטארטאפיסטית (p) סטארטאפיסטים
i.e. Startup-istim, Startup-istit, Startup-ist

➡️ Not surprising, these terms have also made their way into (Israeli) Russian (хайтекист и стартапист) and “Heblish” (Hitechist and Startupist)

❓ In your language(s), do you have a catch-all term for someone who works in IT?