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Mountains burning in fires

How do you say in Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin or Serbian this: “Up there, the mountains burn worse”?

👉 Gore gore gore gore.

I’m not making this up 👌! This is a genuine sentence made up of four separate homonyms. And don’t bother checking it up on any machine translation tool or AI🖱 as it won’t get it. OK, it’s “Up up up up” on Google Translate 😧

⛏️ Let’s break it down…

1️⃣ The first “gore” is an adverb meaning “up”, “up there” or “upwards” ⬆️

2️⃣ The second “gore” is the plural of the noun “gora”, meaning “mountain” or “hill” 🗻

3️⃣ The third “gore” is the third person plural present tense form of the verb “goriti” (to burn) 🔥

4️⃣ The fourth “gore” is the comparative of the adjective “loÅ¡”, which is irregular just like its English equivalent (bad – worse, loÅ¡ – gore) 👎

🤔 Can you make whole sentences using just homonyms or homophones in your language(s)?