Happy 50th anniversary to the Adelaide Festival Centre!

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🎉 50 years ago today, the Adelaide Festival Centre, the premier performing and visual arts venue and precinct in Adelaide, Australia, opened. The centre to this day remains one of the symbols of Adelaide. 🇦🇺

🎭 I know what some of you are thinking… it looks like a boxy version of that more famous Australian cultural venue, the Sydney Opera House. Well, both venues were built at the same time, just that for the Adelaide Festival Centre it was done within budget and timeframe (take that Sydney!😁)

🎫 Actually my first job was at the Adelaide Festival Centre, where for 5 wonderful years I worked in Front-of-House and ticket sales.

Highlights of my time there include:
✨ being a theatre manager during the prestigious biennial Adelaide Festival of Arts
✨ meeting an eclectic mix of artists and patrons from around the world (hi Billy Connolly!)
✨having the opportunity to see a wide variety of performances (from Wagner’s Ring Cycle to Joe Cocker to some of the most unintentionally hilarious local talent shows)
✨ working the best bunch of people you could imagine. Most of my colleagues (my “aunties”) had been working there since the centre had opened and all effortlessly oozed glamour
✨the lifelong friendships and memories formed

Happy 50th anniversary Adelaide Festival Centre! Here’s to many more years ahead! 🥂