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Two more language directions have been added to my Institute of Translation and Interpreting profile (check it out here
⭐ Bosnian to English
⭐ Montenegrin to English

That brings my total to six 𓃎.

Some background…

The breakup of Yugoslavia over 30 years ago transformed what was once one language, Serbo-Croatian, into four: Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian.

It looks very impressive, but for many from former Yugoslavia (and not involved in translation), listing all four languages on profiles is sometimes seen as over-the-top – it’s a constant source of mirth on social media. These people still see the languages as one, and they are justified to a degree to have this opinion.

However, most people outside of southeastern Europe are not aware that these languages are very similar. In their eyes, if there are four different names, then that must mean there are enough differences between the languages to warrant such a distinction.

Many of my clients, who know I translate into English from Croatian and/or Serbian (which have more speakers and therefore more demand), often then ask whether I know Bosnian and (especially) Montenegrin.

Having these languages listed on my profile clarifies that I do. It’s a reflection of reality and not some form of CV padding.

⚠️ Note that this is for translation FROM these languages INTO English. It’s a very different story the other way around.

💡 If you ever need any explanation about the intricacies of southeastern European languages, drop me a line and I’ll be glad to help.