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About me

My name is Nick Nasev and I can provide language services for you from Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Serbo-Croatian into native English.

Having been born and educated in Australia, English is my main language; therefore you are guaranteed that any work that I provide will be in native, idiomatic English. In other words, it won't read or sound weird to other native English speakers.

I also adapt texts from all variants of English into English for Australian audiences, paying attention to the cultural and linguistic peculiarities to optimise your engagement with the lucrative Australian market.

Being able to have your translations read well in English, as well as being localised with all cultural sensitivities considered, projects an extremely professional image of yourself, whether it be in a commercial environment or presenting a copy of your birth certificate. You want your clients to pay attention to your translations and not laugh at them.

I also have the added factors of coming from a Balkan and Australian cultural background, and have lived in several countries around the world, so I'm able to reflect in the translations that I provide the hidden background meaning to phrases, sayings, concepts and words that only people from the region truly understand.

My extensive cultural understanding has involved me in the editing and researching of many books, articles and publications about the Balkans/Southeast Europe, as well as Australia, covering topics such as music, history, modern politics and medical policy.

I have many years’ experience working as a translator and proofreader, and specialise in a variety of subject fields. If you would like to know more about my services, how I can help you expand your understanding of the Balkans or make your business grow internationally, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

High quality translation solutions

Expert services

Translation, proofreading, editing, localisation and certification/attestation

Linguistic knoweldge

Professional translations that match the tone and meaning of a sentence

Quick turnaround

Use the latest in industry software to provide quick, efficient and consistent translations

Specialist translations

Certificates, EU/government, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial and legal translations. 

Professional standards

ITI accreditation for most languages, including seals for certified translations.

Free Consultation

Contact me to get a free cost and time estimate for your translation needs