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Oldtajmer, evergrin, rekorder, golman… the world of Balkan pseudo-anglicisms

Did you hear about the man who collects “old-timers”? 👴🏽Or that Frank Sinatra has many “evergreens”? 🌲Or the woman who was a rowing “recorder”? ▶Or how the best player on the field was the “goal man”? 🎯And how one unfortunate person was a victim of “mobbing” in the workplace? 👥 These are all actual examples […]

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Three everyday words that exist in Australian English only!

Ask what’s most unique about Australian English 🪃, the answers usually are our accent and slang✔️. However, there are also a number of uniquely Australian English words in regular use, even in formal situations, that Australians are surprised to find are not used everywhere else in the English-speaking world (OK, sometimes also in New Zealand🥝, […]

English language translation tips: use of long forms of country names

Republic of Serbia 🇷🇸, Republic of Croatia 🇭🇷, Kingdom of Norway 🇳🇴, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 🇬🇧, Oriental Republic of Uruguay 🇺🇾, Plurinational State of Bolivia 🇧🇴 … These are the long (official) forms of the names of these countries. The names of most countries have a long form and a […]

“You can find the Doonas in Manchester”

Now this might sound a bit random 🤨 but this is something you’ll hear all the time, in all places… in department stores in Australia 🇦🇺. How come? 🧐 In most English language-dominant countries, “Doona” will be in reference to the popular Israeli-invented baby car seat that converts into a stroller/pushchair/pram 🚼 “Manchester” would be […]