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You know that time when Madonna was interviewed by a Hungarian tabloid? Or when translation goes hilariously bad…

Let’s have some laughs🥳We all know how some translations can be so bad that they’re unintentionally hilarious, like the viral examples from 😂. Well, did you hear about the time in 1996 when the Hungarian tabloid Blikk interviewed Madonna when she was filming Evita in Budapest? Seeing that Madonna doesn’t know Hungarian 🇭🇺 and […]

Australian road sign in the Nullarbor. The sign is a yellow animal warning sign on the left-hand side of an empty road in a treeless desert environment. There are three yellow diamond signs, with black outlines of a camel, a wombat and a kangaroo on them. Below them is a yellow rectangle sign with "Next 96 km" in black print.

Australian etiquette: the Outback Driving Wave

It’s all about being friendly when driving out in “woop woop” (the middle of nowhere) 🤗 Driving across a lot of Australia 🇦🇺 involves traversing not just hundreds but thousands of kilometres of roads in near-empty deserts. This huge part of Australia is known as ‘the Outback’ because, you know, it’s out back there. Once […]

Newspapers in newspaper stands

Watch out for the killer squirrels! It’s “silly season”… or is that “cucumber season”?

Watch out for the killer squirrels! 🐿️We’re very much in “silly season” right now in the UK 🤪 Not long ago, a friend posted a link to a news item published the day before about an audacious missionary being killed by the uncontacted people of North Sentinel Island My immediate thought was “no, not another […]

Cancer and gallows humour: Thank you for the flowers 💐; I hope they die before I do! 😏

WARNING: potentially triggering material. Very, very dark humour about cancer ahead. 4 February is World Cancer Day and… erm… conveniently, the day after is the anniversary (15 years now) of being given the oh so exciting news that I had testicular cancer… stage 4… so it had spread: 5 tumours in my stomach 🍤, 11 […]