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Australian road sign in the Nullarbor. The sign is a yellow animal warning sign on the left-hand side of an empty road in a treeless desert environment. There are three yellow diamond signs, with black outlines of a camel, a wombat and a kangaroo on them. Below them is a yellow rectangle sign with "Next 96 km" in black print.

Australian etiquette: the Outback Driving Wave

It’s all about being friendly when driving out in “woop woop” (the middle of nowhere) 🤗 Driving across a lot of Australia 🇦🇺 involves traversing not just hundreds but thousands of kilometres of roads in near-empty deserts. This huge part of Australia is known as ‘the Outback’ because, you know, it’s out back there. Once […]

Hand gestures, i.e. the time when George Bush Senior figuratively told the Aussies where to go…

Have you unwittingly done a hand gesture that meant something completely different in another country? Here’s a true story… During a state visit to #Australia in 1992, US President George Bush Senior was confronted by protesting sugar industry workers angry at the US dumping cheap, subsidised sugar in Australia’s traditional markets. How did Bush greet […]