Луд купон, the “crazy coupon” Bulgarian party

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So who’s having a “crazy coupon” this weekend? 🎉

Wait!✋ A crazy coupon?🎟️😲
What’s that?

This is the literal translation of the quintessential Bulgarian term “луд купон” (lud kupon). It’s the Bulgarian way of saying “wild party” 🕺🏻🪩💃🏻

So how and when did the Bulgarians decide that a “coupon” also means “party”?

Well, no one really knows 🫤 but if you want to get Bulgarians talking, start this topic up on any social media outlet and watch it all go off!

➡️ Some claim that the “coupon” refers to those given as a reward for exceptional workers during communist times granting them entry to fancy, i.e. hard currency-only, venues.

⬅️ Others claim the “kupon” is from the early 1990s when for a brief period the local currency was in the form of ‘coupons’, so having any meant using them up quickly and having a fun time.

↪️ On a linguistic basis, it could come from the term “куп” (“kup”), meaning “a gathering of people”, though why then -on was added, not a typical Bulgarian ending, makes the relation more of a coincidence.

Of course there’s also a verb to go with it: купонясвам (“kuponyasvam” meaning “to party”), so this weekend there’ll be people who купонясват жестоко (party hard)🥳.

So go on, have yourself a “crazy coupon” this weekend 🎊

What unsuspecting sayings, words or phrases are there in your language?