I have been a freelancer translator since 2002, working full-time since 2008. I am also accredited as a Professional Translator by Australia’s central translator accreditation authority, NAATI. I was born and educated in Australia, having also spent some time as a young infant in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. My family originates from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia, and I am a regular visitor to the Balkans (at least 3-4 times a year), which helps in maintaining and updating my language and cultural knowledge. I currently divide my time between living in the UK and Australia.

What I offer is the unique blend of a deep cultural and linguistic understanding of south-eastern Europe with the English language skills and knowledge that can only be gained from being raised and educated in an English-speaking environment. In a world where providing material and documentation in good English is crucial, you do not want to make the mistake of investing money into translations that end up sounding silly and laughable to a native English speaker. Likewise, you would also like that your translator has an inherent understanding of the richness of Balkan culture and society, with no need for you to explain nuances, and not provide translations that appear to be clinical. This is where I excel and provide you with excellent, professional translations.

Past clients of mine include EU bodies such as the European Commission and its directorates, the European Parliament, large international pharmaceutical companies, UNESCO, right down to the many individuals who have used my quick and professional service to have their personal certificates translated.

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Contact me at info@nicknasev.com